How can I be of any value?

Learning to write by brushing your teeth, may sound strange. Diseases due to inadequate hygiene are a problem in large parts of the world. Research shows that learning to brush your teeth and to wash your hands reduces the school dropout rate of children.

Healthy children take more advantage of education with the result that their socio-economic status increases.

Do you want to contribute to a better global health and do you have an affinity with providing education? Then you'll find here all the information about the importance and the right way of hand washing and tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

With a number of toothbrushes and some instruction posters in your backpack, you can as a pioneer or a participant in an existing project,  contribute to reduce school absenteeism and better health conditions.


What dental knowledge do you need for this?

Having dental knowledge is nice, but not necessary. Structurally washing hands and brushing teeth is a permanent part of our western education without being specially trained for it. Clear sense and affinity with the target group is essential!


What happens when I have returned?

As a pioneer you have made a very valuable contribution to world health. Yet it would be a shame, if your return also meant the end of the project. You ultimately achieve success through continuity. DHIN has developed the prevention adoption plan in order to provide you with support. Here you will find more information about this.


What can we offer you?

To support your activities we have developed advice and information materials. If you want to get started, we can provide you with a package consisting of toothbrushes, toothpaste, posters, folders and a plan of action. The posters and brochures can be downloaded here. If you fill out the form below, we will contact you.


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