“Worldwide, 60–90% of school children have dental cavities, often leading to pain and discomfort.

Dental cavities can be prevented by maintaining a constant low level of fluoride in the oral cavity.”


World Health Organization

Dental Education

We strive to provide dental education to schoolchildren in various low income countries. We think that every child deserves a healthy happy smile!

The importance of Dental Hygiene

Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life. It is a state of being free from mouth and facial pain, oral and throat cancer, oral infection and sores, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders that limit an individual’s capacity in biting, chewing, smiling, speaking, and psychosocial wellbeing.

1. Wash your hands with soap

2. Use fluoride toothpaste whilst brushing

3. Brush tongue side

4. Brush cheek side

5. Brush in the back

6. Brush upper teeth

7. Brush front teeth

8. Brush the upper back teeth

9. Spit everything out

10. Wash your hands with running water